Plastic Lumber

     Plastic Lumber is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), prime pigment systems, UV-inhibitors, and selected process additives.
     The raw material used to make lumber comes from post-consumer bottle waste such as milk containers. This material is cleaned to a purity level of over 90% HDPE. It is compounded into stiff board stock material, the resulting finished product containing over 90% recycled content by weight.
Application: Decking, Flooring, Furnishings, Fencing, Docks and Marine, Lawn and Garden items, Playground Equipment, Bridges, Traffic Barriers, Sound Barriers
     Impervious to paint and most Adhesives, Weather Resistant, Requires periodic cleaning, can be cut or drilled cleanly, No grain to split or Chip, No need to Pre-Drill Lumber, Suitable for Agricultural Uses.

Plastic lumber Plastic lumber Plastic lumber